50 Fun Things to do While Quarantined at Home

Category: Lifestyle
April 25th 2020

There's no denying that this global pandemic has got us all in a rut..especially with the CDC forcing some of us to stay home! For some, that is a dream come true. However for others, it's the hardest thing someone's ever asked! Below are some 'outside the box' suggestions on how to entertain yourself at home!

Just remember, wash those hands!!

1. Browse Pinterest for inspiration for your next hair or nail appointment! Once they are back open, you're going to be dying for a new look!

2. Give your pets some extra love..i'm sure they are very happy you're home!

3. Why don't you train them or teach them a new trick while you're at it!

4. Do some exercise or yoga videos!

5. Clean up your apartment or organize something...like maybe your messy vanity, or under the bathroom sink!

6. Deep clean your apartment! Might as well be as sterile as possible now!

7. Rearrange a room or if you're feeling extra bored, redecorate it!

8. If you're single and ready to mingle, now is the best time to join a dating website!

9. Or if you prefer to bury yourself in endless good books, join a book club!

10. Bake some cookies, or a cake! 

11. Try a new recipe you've been wanting to try.

12. Draw a picture! Better yet, get a sketch pad and brush up on those skills! Remember this kept you entertained for hours as a kid!

13. Watch a new tv series everyone's been talking about.

14. Experiment with some new makeup!

15. Attempt to complete a puzzle or play a board game!

16. Get creative and take some cute facebook photos of yourself! Or sharpen your photography skills and take photos of the beauty around you! 

17. Make a scrapbook 

18. Look through an old photo album..or better yet, create a new one! If you want to get extra creative, make a scrapbook!

19. Watch home videos of your younger self and reminisce on the good ol days. 

20. Watch movies you haven't seen in awhile or have wanted to watch but were too tired.

21. Start a project you've been wanting to start!

22. Ever wanted to start an online business? Now's a good time to figure out how!

23. Watch some youtube videos, whether it be educational or entertainment, there's always good content on youtube!

24. Teach yourself a valuable skill

25. Write a letter to your future self to read in years to come. Explain how life is now and what your goals are, etc. And you'll see how much you've changed next time you open it!

26. Start a new diary, ya know..like how you used to write in one in middle school?

27. Been putting off fixing something? You've got plenty of time now to repair it!

28. Calm your anxiety with this whole ordeal and learn to meditate and relax your mind! 

29. Cut apart some magazines and create a vision board!

30. Listen to some music

31. Get some fresh air and grab a book or magazine to read outside!

32. Lay out in the sun and get your tan on!

33. Now's a great time to dig deep into your financial situation and create a budget for yourself!

34. Make a list of things you want to do before you die. Not trying to be funny here, it's seriously cool to have and especially cool to mark things off of it you've done!

35. Now is also a good time to reflect on your life and set goals for yourself over the next few years!

36. Relax in the bathtub with some wine

37. Paint your nails or toenails since the salon won't be open for awhile!

38. Play around with some new hairstyles you've always wanted to try..but do not, i repeat DO NOT cut your own bangs!

39. Learn about the stock market and how to invest your money to make you more money!

40. Go through the clothes in your closet and determine what you want to keep and what you could get rid of! Whatever you can part with, list on Mercari or Poshmark and put some extra money in your pocket!

41. Learn how to make different cocktails at home!

42. Go through your makeup vanity and toss all your old products!

43. Get a planner and organize your life a little! Trust me on this one!

44. Water your plants, check on your plants. Whatever you do, don't forget about them too!

45. Call a family member you normally don't talk to often and check up on them!

46. Take a nap... because you can!

47. Daydrink...because you can!

48. Play video games!

49. Shop online! Not the most ideal thing people are doing right now since most are out of work, which is why there will be lots of sales! Take advantage of them if you can!

50. Self care spa day! Do a face mask, whiten your teeth, give yourself a pedi, the list goes on!