Bombshell Cosmetica: Spilling the Tea

Category: Beauty
February 21st 2020

My intentions with this post are not to slander, bash or harm the brand in any way. This post is completely my personal experience with the brand and meant to raise awareness on the situation that occurred. We all work hard for our money and it's nice to know what companies we can trust. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 2.01.59 PM.png

Bombshell Cosmetica, an absolutely adorable, colorful and innovative company producing the most fun looking cosmetics has grown to become an absolute hit in the world of makeup. But what's behind that colorful packaging and low price tag is maybe something that'll make you think twice. Does waiting 3 months after an order being placed, your money being taken, and being ghosted sound like a good time? Not really, it actually sounds more like a scam. Even though I've purchased from this company before and did get my products, the customer service doesn't seem very consistent at all here. 

My second and last order was placed November 28, 2019 during the busy Black Friday season. Their website clearly stated it would take longer to fulfill orders due to a high volume of sales which is completely understandable that time of year, but it never mentioned that it would take more than 3 months to receive anything! 

On their instagram page the last post they made was from November 29th of 2019 announcing a lash line that was soon to launch, and over 2 months ago they shared this information on their story regarding Black Friday orders. It's really looking like their perception of what "soon" really means is kinda off..

IMG_9774 2.JPG

9 weeks ago their orders are "almost" done...then one week later they're still "almost all out." I personally feel like this message should have been delivered to customers via email, not a public instagram story that I'm 2% likely to even see with instagram's shitty algorithm. Even so, 9 weeks ago is the end of December. From the end of November till that time is almost a month to get orders out, which is more than enough time.

I checked their page recently to see what's up and stumbled upon these comments from people with the same issue as myself:


It's appearing more and more that this company isn't to be trusted online, that they cannot handle conducting business as they should, and are incapable of keeping their word to their customers who have given them many chances considering this isn't the first time they've disappeared. But yet the CEO can post photos on his personal account flexing his ootd?! Dude, if ya have time for that then I think you have some time to let customers know why their orders are taking an unreasonable time to ship! After leaving a comment on his page myself, I managed to get someone's attention and they messaged me personally to say once again that they will be sending out the orders "soon" letting me know they ran out of stock and waiting for merchandise from China, but it's been delayed due to the situation there! Although that coronavirus crap has NOT been going on for the last 3 months... gimme my money back now plz, I do NOT want to risk getting a coronavirus in my makeup! 

Would I order from this company online again? Nope! But I'd definitely be willing to buy from a retail store if they were to appear in any. Why would I still give this company my money after a shitty customer service experience? Because everyone does make mistakes and it's okay..we are only human. But ya girl can't risk waiting 3 months again for a palette that's THAT beautiful! I really hope you guys get your shit together Bombshell Cosmetica because your company is too cute to go downhill.