Confessions of a Quarantine: What I've Learned

Category: Lifestyle
April 7th 2020

This is going to be a more personal post, but a positive one..and I think everyone could use a little positivity right now.

I don't know about you all, but quarantine's had me all up in my feelings the last few weeks and there's been some cool discoveries I've made about myself. I encourage everyone who is worried, focused on the future, and not enjoying this time, to take a deep breath and manifest what you want. This time is a great time to dig deep in our brains and focus on what really matters, what we want in our future, and what's right in front of us now..not what isn't.

Just before everything completely shut down and the media was feeding off our fear, I was falling into the trap and had at least 3 mental breakdowns where I cried, worried, and focused on all of what's negative. All that did for me was stress out my body & my mind. What resulted from that was an overly anxious Haley for an entire week. When your heart is constantly racing, chest feels tight, breathing is difficult, and you feel like throwing up consistently, you know you need to chill the heck out. Don't worry about something that hasn't given you a reason to worry about it; otherwise you're just going to worry about it twice! After a week of drinking almost everyday to cope with said stress, I finally got it together and began to think logically. This is what I'm wanting to share with you guys since mental health right now is probably not as great as it can be.