Living Your Best Quarantine Life: Featuring The Hemp Doctor

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April 15th 2020

If you know me, you KNOW how long I've been struggling with managing my anxiety. Over the last couple years, I've tried a lot of different things to manage it. Prescription drugs, essential oils, crystals & rocks (idk I was given these saying it'll help LOL), and various different types of cbd oils. With the CBD trend taking off like it has, you can find a variety of products in a variety of places...which only means there's now more things for me to try!


Recently The Hemp Doctor sent me some goodies to sample, almost as if they were reading my mind! Literally the day before I was contacted, I was reading up on some other brands to try CBD products from...and what better timing than in the middle of a pandemic where my anxiety has been at its worst!?! 

First I'm going to do a little review featuring the products I was sent! Then I'm going to dive into additional ways to help everyone cope with the craziness!


CBD Energy + Focus Drink Mix


CBD Edible Gummies


1000mg CBD Oil Tincture 

CBD Energy + Focus Drink Mix: This is my new favorite CBD essential. I've never really been a pre workout kinda gal just cuz I don't like the feeling of my heart beating out my chest, but this stuff is different! Not only does it actually taste REALLY REALLY good, but it also does exactly what it says: provides energy and focus! I've started a new workout routine that is so so sooooo intense and going from thinking I'm going to die every morning to not thinking about the pain at all and just DOING it, surprises me!! Especially when I wake up the next day and not feel a bit sore from said workout! Now that's magic! The amount of caffeine in it is equal to about the same as a single cup of coffee, which means not only did I have the pre workout benefits, but also energy that lasted throughout the reset of the day!

CBD Edible Gummies: So let me say I've never taken gummies except like twice in my life? One time it didn't do shit, and the other time I felt like I wasn't in my body..probably because I drank alcohol, espresso and then took the gummies which more than likely confused the hellllllll out of my body. Idk why I do the things I do sometimes, but ANYWAYS...these gummies are 20mg of CBD being 10mg each. I've only tried one package of gummy bears so far cuz I was told to save these for a reallyyyyy bad anxiety day.. but what I did try were really yummy tasting! When I took them, I was experiencing some anxiety, but definitely not as bad as it was in the beginning of quarantine! They did seem to work rather quickly too which is cool! Luckily now I've got these pieces of magic to shove down my throat just incase shit hits the fan again!

1000mg CBD Oil Tincture: Oils are something I have a lot of experience with. I've taken a huge variety of these in the past and there's always been little to no benefits that I've noticed...and not to mention, like 99% of them tasted like dirt...LITERALLY!! Imagine liquifying actual dirt and swallowing it and that's exactly what half these oils taste like! WHYYYYY tho!? Luckily not this one! I can honestly say that this is hands down THE BEST tasting CBD oil I've had to date! It's very easy to swallow and seems to do what it is supposed to, help calm anxiety! Oils are something I always make sure to have in my purse just incase of a situation that calls for a quick fix. They are also something you can take over time that build up in your system and you will reap the benefits of CBD even more so by ingesting it daily! Since you only have to take one dropper under your tongue, it's easy to remember! This particular oil is full spectrum..this means it contains less than .03% of THC. No that doesn't get you high! Trust me I wouldn't take this stuff if it got me high...I actually hate the feeling of being high.

Aside from having supplements to help guide you to a better state of mind, there's various other activities you can take part in to get you there! I personally have began a vigorous exercise routine that will help me not only strengthen myself physically, but also mentally. Exercise has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety and make you feel much better overall! I'm a big believer in all things natural/organic, so for this to be a part of the natural/organic CBD supplements I am taking just makes the benefits that much better! 

During this quarantine, I've been able to figure out different methods that work for calming me down that I've never gotten to attempt before. Some free methods of relief I've found that calm my anxiety also are:

1. Exercise- Moving my body between 30mins - 1hr has drastically reduced my panic-y feeling I always feel at night and enabled me to have a good nights sleep. Knowing I exercised the most important muscle there is (the heart), also helps me sleep well at night.

2. Meditate- I've never meditated before until recently where my anxiety got to the point where I wasn't able to breathe easily and literally felt tightness in my chest that seemed to have no end. Meditating and focusing my mind on breathing and relaxing helped me get out of the zone of feeling horrible, to having more control over the situation. What I did particularly was download the "Mindbody" app on iphone and go through that for my meditation exercises. 

3. Yoga- Sometimes just stretching the body is what's necessary to loosen all stiff parts and make you feel human again! Give it a try if you're feeling anxious! It relaxes you, focusing on stretching those muscles to feel more mobile vs focusing on your anxiety. When you stretch, shift your brain to concentrate on your breathing as well. That is a big part of yoga and meant to be a part of the ultimate relaxation process it reaps. 

4. Get off Social Media / Ignore Anxiety-Triggering Articles- A huge thing that's helped me feel less anxious is to STOP READING ARTICLES ON SOCIAL MEDIA!! I cannot stress this enough but there are more false articles than there are truth! Make sure you know if your resources are accurate or bogus!

5. Make sure you have your "person" to talk to incase you have a bad day- I always have my "go-to" person to talk to who will always be the light at the end of the tunnel. Even if I think it won't be okay, I know that after talking to this person I will at least FEEL okay! Making sure you have a positive person in this darkness is very essential; whether it be a person you know, a therapist, or an optimistic stranger! If you do not have a person, text "HOME" to "741741." This is where you can reach a crisis counselor who can talk to you. These Crisis Counselors are available to help you move from a hot moment to cool and calm totally free, 24/7. The model has always leveraged kind, empathetic people with a wifi connection from the comfort of their own home. They’re there, ready & made for this. And, most importantly, your feelings are 100% valid.

6. Eat healthy- Eating well is fundamental to good overall well-being. Healthy eating helps us to maintain a healthy weight, reduces our risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and the risk of developing cardiovascular well as various types of cancers. Therefore reducing all other negative aspects that come along with negative eating habits! This is the most important aspect there is when it comes to making a significant change in your overall well-being!

No matter your situation, just remember there's nothing to be ashamed are not alone! 

Hopefully you found some hope in this article, whether it be financial or mental; I sincerely wish nothing but the best for all people suffering. Remember, we will all get through this together!