Suva Beauty Hydra Liners Review

Category: Beauty
May 19th 2020

Water activated eyeliners have been popping up all over the place lately! Even though I have no idea who came up with this idea first...does it really matter..the idea itself is simply genius! Which totally explains why every brand wants in on the trend! There may be many brands offering similar products, but none with as much hype as Suva Beauty!

After trying several other brands of neon eyeliners and being disappointed every time, I finally gave into the hype and grabbed 11 shades to try as well as one 610 brush. I expected these to be amazing, but I also totally didn't expect a few things I discovered about these!


First things first, the price tag at $14 a pop may be steep for some but after using these a few times you will learn that it's absolutely worth it! You need to wet the tip of your brush in water to activate the pigment. Once you do, you'll notice you barely put a dent in the contents of the 10g jar! Can you say lifetime supply of eyeliner?!


Since the 11 shades I purchased are literally the entire rainbow, I did a swatch on my arm for you guys! Now don't judge me too harshly cuz I'm not the queen of swatching...but at least you can get a feel for the color payoff!  


Starting with the first color of the rainbow, we've got:

Cherry Bomb - Red
Acid Trip - Orange *
Dance Party - Yellow *
Fanny Pack - Green *

Freezie - Turquoise

Tracksuit - Blue *

Grape Soda - Purple *

Watermelon Felon - Pink
Scrunchie - Bright Pink *
Space Panda - White
Grease - Black

The ones with a * beside them are UV reactive, which means that yes, you will glow in the dark! The rest have a matte finish to them.

So lets talk about that color payoff...GIRLLLL most of these are just one swipe! Even better news, is these do NOT crack and literally look perfect all day long! What more can you ask for in an eyeliner?
Longevity ✔ Smudgeproof ✔ Pigmented ✔ Fast drying ✔ Transfer resistant ✔ 

Another positive I should mention is that when you remove these, they're first of all SUPER easy to take off. You can use just water or makeup remover and they wont leave behind any stains on your skin! You would think something so pigmented would be hard to take off at the end of the day, but nope!

Now for my little pro tip that will save ya some $$! I did purchase Suva Beauty's 610 fine tip eyeliner brush thinking I could use the one for all the colors, but quickly found out I was very wrong. If you buy these, you're going to need one brush per color so you don't end up having to clean the brush in between colors or getting colors mixed into each other. Well, one of her brushes are $12...which is very reasonable for a brush! But times that by 11 = $132....C R A Z Y! 
Me being me, I hopped onto amazon to see if there are cheaper alternatives and that's when brilliance struck me! Why not get disposable eyeliner brushes?! Not having to clean them is a dream come true, and not to mention...a pack of 100 is just $8!


Here you can see the side by side comparison of the two brushes. Amazon brush is on the left, and Suva Beauty 610 Brush is on the right. 

Before using the disposable amazon brushes, make sure you wet it and kinda squish it into the water at an angle so the brush isn't needle sharp anymore. The bristles will remain in their pointed shape, but will become more flexible when wet! Click HERE to check them out! 

While you're on amazon, you might also want to grab yourself some disposable mascara wands as well because you can double this as colored mascara! 

Wrapping this up, I'd like to also give one last piece of advice! Suva Beauty Hydra Liners are carried by several online beauty retailers! So if it's sold out on one site, check another! I was able to obtain my entire haul from 2 different websites when the Suva Beauty & Morphe sites were all sold out! Other US online retailers you can find these are:

1) Beauty Bay
2) Camera Ready Cosmetics
3) PNTA Theater Supply
4) Abracadabra NYC

Now that you've got all my secret tips, tricks, and opinion on these amazing liners, it's time for you to play with them for yourself!